Juan Palacio, Lead Home Service Professional has been promoted to Field Supervisor – North Naples & Bonita Springs

Juan Palacio, Lead Home Service Professional has been promoted to Field Supervisor – North Naples & Bonita Springs

We are very happy to announce that Spectrum Concierge Lead home service professional, Juan Palacio, has been promoted to Field Supervisor for North Naples and Bonita Springs. Juan has demonstrated an aptitude in his role of taking care of homes, being thorough and attentive in addressing areas of concern, and has proven to have a strong communication skillset.  Juan‘s new role will allow him to continue to serve the homes he has been affiliated with, as well as take a leadership role in mentoring and training new team members that will assist in the care of these homes.  

Juan has been with spectrum concierge for over three years now and is a source of consistency and reliability above all.  Juan is very knowledgeable when it comes to maintenance and repair related items, but he has also come along way in building his experience and handling situation around the home… understanding cause-and-effect to help us get to the bottom of situations.  We are proud of the progress he has made and look forward to seeing him blossom even further in the new position as he will have the opportunity to lead and help others to grow as well.

Dave Feightner, Owner & Operator of Spectrum Concierge

The Spectrum Concierge Difference

Not every home watch and concierge service is the same. We take pride in going above and beyond for our client’s homes to properly maintain their property. We act as an invaluable resource to our homeowners, who come to us for anything regarding their home, as they know we keep their best interest in mind.

One of the primary differences in working with Spectrum Concierge is our team structure, which provides a foundation allowing us to deliver timely, pro-active and detailed service to our clients.  Aside from visiting the home to evaluate its condition and/or conduct maintenance, there inevitably are tasks to be scheduled, conversations to be followed up on with both homeowners and vendors, and documentation needed of the on-going events at the home. Our field technicians (Home Service Professional) are aligned with our office personnel (Administrative Concierge) to accomplish all of this, and deliver a thorough, detailed home service experience.

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