Smart Blinds – The next big thing in home automation

Smart Blinds – The next big thing in home automation

Now that we’re bringing so much smart home technology into our lives, it’s no wonder that the best smart blinds are making our must-have lists this year. Incorporating smart blinds can make your life easier, especially if you’re using other smart technologies like Alexa or Google home hubs.

Here, we’ve put together some of our favorite motorized blinds to go into your home. From affordable smart blinds by Ikea to high-end bespoke blinds, there’s sure to be a smart blind option that’s right for you.

And whether you want the professionals to come in and measure it all up or if you’re more inclined towards a DIY kit for your smart blinds, our guide will help you find the best option. But before you decide which smart blinds you want to install, let’s take a look at what smart blinds are and how they can improve the way you live.

Smart blinds use smart home technology to let you control them from afar for an easier life. Most smart blinds will enable you to roll them up or down at the push of a button – from a remote control, keypad on the wall or a phone app.

Certain smart blinds will even be compatible with voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home Hub, so that you can roll down your blinds without lifting a finger. You could tell Alexa to roll up your blinds in the morning, giving you a gentler wake up call than standing up and doing it yourself does!

Smart blinds often consist of a motorized roller that will usually be battery-powered. You’ll need to keep this charged, as this is what controls the movement of the smart blinds. Normally, your smart blind provider will give you a remote control associated with the product – this will enable you to roll up and roll down the blinds at the touch of a button.

Some smart blinds will be compatible with a smartphone app too. This is particularly useful if you’re not close to the blinds, but still want to be able to control them. For example, if you’re on holiday and want to make sure your house looks ‘lived in’ while you’re away. An automated schedule for your smart blinds, especially combined with other technologies such as the best smart bulbs or best smart plugs for controlling lighting, can help create the illusion of an occupied house.

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